Mumu Player 6


Mumu Player 6 Android Emulator For PC (Windows 7,8,10,11) Download:

MuMu player is a free Android Emulator for Windows PC or Mac OS. It is also known as Nemu (NemuBox or Nemu Launcher). Like other Emulators, it also permits you to play Android Games and Use Android Apps on Windows System. It turns your Windows machine as the best gaming machine to give you the best gaming experience.

Basic System Requirements

Mumu Player basically requires an internet connection to download the installation file. They also offer a portable version that doesn’t require any installation. You just have to extract the Zip file to the directory of your choice and run the file.


Memu app Player is based on the Android 6.0 version and compatible with a large number of applications as well games like PUBG Mobile, FreeFire, Call of Duty Mobile, etc.


MuMu Player is a free software offered by Netease. It is available as Freeware for all devices.

MuMu Player Installation

Logitheque basically offer two different types of files for Mumu player Installation.

Classic installer

The classic MuMu Installer requires an internet connection to download the Installation file.

Portable Version

The portable version does not require any Installation, all you have to do is just to extract the zip file to the directory of your choice and execute the “mumuinstaller.exe” file.

A shortcut on your desktop will be created by the software.

Features of MuMu Player

-Keyboard mapping
-Gamepad controls can be import and export
-Virtualization Technology
-Virtual machine Hyper-V
-High definition Big Screen
-Android 6 (Marshmallow)

Let’s play moblie games on your PC! Download Mumu Player Android Emulator For PC now!